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Guidelines on the Publication of Monographs


1.0 Criteria for Monographs

      a) A type of book which focuses on an in-depth and a detailed study, which contributes significantly to a field of knowledge.

      b) The study should involve primary data.

      c) The extent of a monograph should conform to UNESCO’s standard for a book, i.e., not fewer than 49 printed pages (an estimate of 90 double-spaced manuscript pages).

      e) A research report of less than the number of pages stipulated is considered more suitable for publication in the form of an article in a journal or book of readings.

      f) Publication is selective and undergoes an evaluation process (see 3.2).

      g) A research that exceeds two years needs to be updated.

      h) No royalty is given for the writing of monographs.


2.0 Format of Monographs

    a) UUM monographs use a book format instead of a research report format. This involves:

        (i) A breakdown of the manuscript into chapters with suitable titles.

        (ii) The use of sub-titles with content elements (instead of Statement of Problem, Literature Review, Significance of Study, etc.).

    b) The college may recommend the publication of a monograph series if suitable; and appoint a series editor from among the academic staff (see 4.0, Duties of Series Editor).


3.0 Publication Channel

    a) Researches conducted with UUM grants are recommended by the Research and Innovation Management Centre to the college.

    b) Evaluation is conducted by the college.

    c) The college submits the assessor’s report/comment together with the publication proposal to the University Publication Committee.

    d) The manuscript and electronic copy submitted to the publisher should be in the form of clean copies in which the necessary amendments have been made, including the format.


4.0 Duties of Series Editor

The duties of a series editor are as follows:

    a) Gathering suitable manuscripts according to the theme proposed (and electronic copies).

    b) Recommending publication to the college and subsequently the University Publication Committee.

    c) Contacting authors to obtain permission to publish the monographs.

    d)  Co-ordinating the format of the monograph series in the form determined by the publisher.

    e)  Writing the accompanying chapter (introductory chapter or final chapter) which summarises the overall theme of the monograph series.

    f) Preparing the preface for each monograph published.

    g) Writing the blurb and preparing the index.

    h)  Editing and checking the facts, documentation and list of references of each monograph.

    i)  Making amendments and revisions based on the evaluation report.

    j)  Ensuring the continuity of the series.

(Approved JKP 1/99 & 2/99)


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