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Guidelines on the Publication of Edited Works


Types of Edited Works

There are three types of Edited Works:

    a) Selected papers from conferences that have been organised.

    b) Invited papers for a book of readings with a particular theme.

    c) Seminar proceedings.


An edited work is edited by an editor, or not more than three editors, who submit(s) the publication proposal to the University Publication Committee through the college/centre/institute. Normally, the edited book includes a chapter by the editor (s). The name(s) of the editor/editors will be printed on the book cover.


 Duties of the Book Editor (s)

The duties are as follows:

   a) Putting together suitable topics/chapters of the edited book (printed copy of the complete manuscript).

   b) Contacting contributors to obtain permission to publish the works in the event that the contributors have not been informed of the publishing rights by the seminar organiser.

    c) Arranging the chapters and co-ordinating the format of the papers in a manuscript form that is suitable for publication.

    e) Preparing the preface or acknowledgement.

    f) Writing the introductory chapter synopsis which summarises the overall theme and contents of the manuscript.

    g) Writing the blurb and preparing the index.

    h) Editing and checking facts, documentation and list of references.

     i) Managing the amendments and checking the proofs that have been laid out with the co-operation of the publisher.


Collection of invited papers

   a) Apart from the above tasks, the copyright of articles that have been published should be managed by the editor (justification of the maximum cost of copyright acquisition is decided by the University Publication Committee).

   b) Securing suitable article contributors.


Free Copies

a) Each article contributor is given a complimentary copy of the book.


4.0 Seminar Proceedings

a) The University Publication Committee does not consider the publication of seminar proceedings which include all working papers of a seminar. However, the publisher mayassist in handling the layout and printing on behalf of the seminar organiser.

b) The entire cost of publication is borne by the seminar organiser.

c) The publisher imposes payments for the tasks carried out.

d)  Sale/distribution is managed by the seminar organiser.

e)  The organiser appoints a committee/an editor to compile the proceedings and perform the relevant tasks (please see the Guide on Preparing Edited Works).


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