Publication Guidelines for School Centre Textbooks


a. Textbook is a scholarly book (assessment by experts) that meets the requirements of the syllabus of certain courses in UUM.

b.  Lecture Notes/Course Modules need to be modified and rewritten in the style of a textbook.

c.  It is the responsibility of the authors to submit requests for permission to use content that is protected by intellectual property laws, such as images, tables, graphics, and so on.

d.  Textbooks will be printed upon request and used for a minimum of two years of study.

e.  Authors will receive a royalty of 15% while the School Centre will receive a royalty of 10% based on total sales.

f.  Manuscripts must be presented along with the Academic Book Publication Proposal Form, which can be found on the UUM Press website at



To ensure that the pre-press process proceeds smoothly, authors (or editors) are requested to prepare their manuscripts according to this guide. Authors are advised to use Microsoft Word (latest version) on either a Macintosh or PC. The manuscript should be neatly, cleanly and consistently typed on single-sided A4-size paper, double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font. The total number of pages should not be less than 100 pages. Authors should ensure that each page of the text conforms to the standard margins, i.e. left 32 mm (1.25”), right 32 mm (1.0”) and bottom 32 mm (1.25”). Authors should ensure that their manuscripts contain three parts, i.e., Preliminaries, text and back matter. Without these three parts, the manuscript is considered incomplete. Authors who are not familiar with these components are advised to refer to Gaya Dewan (Fourth Edition, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1999) and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (Sixth Edition, 2010).



A manuscript consists of three parts:


Preliminaries include the title of the book, table of contents, list of illustrations, list of tables, preface, introduction, acknowledgement, abbreviations. Each page in this part should be numbered using small Roman numerals, i.e. i, ii, iii, iv, v and so on.

Text consists of sections/chapters and subtitles. The pages in the text should be numbered with Arabic numerals, i.e. 1, 2, 3 and so on. UUM Press does not use the footnote system.

Back matter consists of additional information or references. It comprises the following:

(a) Answers to exercises in the text (if any)

(b) Biodata(s) of author(s) (required)

(c) Appendices (if any)

(d) List of terminology (if any)

(e) Glossary (if any)

(f) Bibliography (if any)

(g) Index if any (prepared by the author)


In manuscript preparation, UUM Press follows the Gaya Dewan and APA Style Guide (Sixth Edition) in the use of capital letters, italics, punctuation, numbering system, spelling and grammar.

Documentation: Author System – date adopted, based on Gaya Dewan and APA Style Guide (Sixth Edition).



The layout of the text should be given particular attention from the initial stage of manuscript preparation in accordance with the following system:

Chapter pages – The type size of the numbers (Arabic numerals) and titles should be bigger than the size of the text. The chapter titles can be in capital letters or lower and upper case letters, and can be centred, flush left or right, using an appropriate type size to make them more attractive. A chapter title can be divided into subtitles but a division of more than FIVE (5) levels is not encouraged. The subtitles may be separated using specific letters without using the numbering system. The type size and font differentiate the levels of the subtitles in a chapter, from the highest to the lowest.

FIRST SUBTITLE – 12 points, upper case, bold

Second Subtitle – 12 points, upper & lower cases, bold

Third subtitle – 12 points, upper & lower cases, bold, italics

FOURTH SUBTITLE – 11 points, upper case, normal

Fifth subtitle – 11 points, upper & lower cases, italics

All subtitles are flush left without indentation.



Before submitting the manuscript, an author should check the following matters:

1. Check spelling (Dewan)/ UK English.

2. Calculations/input data of tables/figures /mathematical symbols and formulas.

3. Consistency in list of contents, illustrations and text

  • Similar words.
  • Consistent use of upper and lower cases and italics.
  • All labels are accurate, sequence of tables and figures correct.

4. No elements of plagiarism and breach of copyright.

5. Bibliography/Reference

  • Written according to Gaya Dewan or APA Style Guide (Sixth Edition).
  • Page number and quotation marks inserted for quotations.
  • Date and spelling of names in the text and the bibliography are consistent.

6. All appendices are attached.



Authors are required to submit ONE (1) copy of the complete printed manuscript and ONE (1) electronic copy of the manuscript. Authors are reminded to keep one printed copy and one electronic copy of the manuscript. The manuscript submitted to the publisher must be the complete final draft and NOT a draft that will be subsequently amended. It must not be folded, rolled or bound. The tables, graphs, charts or drawings should be given appropriate captions and inserted directly into the text (if using MS Word) or in the appendices. If the materials are not prepared in MS Word, they should be saved in JPEG 300 dpi (colour) or bmp (black and white) format. A manuscript which is handwritten or which has handwritten amendments will NOT be accepted. Please contact the Head of the Editorial Unit, UUM Press if you require any advice or guidance in the preparation of your work. A properly prepared manuscript will facilitate the publication process.